Dear Delegates: EON is no longer accepting delegations, and our Tezos Baker is closed. Please undelegate immediately and contact if you have any questions.

Earn staking rewards on your digital assets.

Earn staking rewards and compound your crypto holdings with EON — a staking as a service platform trusted by the best minds in crypto.

Don't risk doing it yourself. We offer best-in-class security and support.


If you own any of the digital assets below you could be earning staking rewards. To learn more, please contact us.


We build safe, secure and reliable platforms for the new crypto economy.

DDoS Protection

Secure Hardware

High Availability

Automation and Scalability

Real Time System Monitoring and Alerts 

Security Audits


Welcome to the new crypto economy where you earn staking rewards on your digital assets.

What we do:

The process of securing Proof of Stake based blockchain networks and earning staking rewards is called staking. It requires technical expertise and protocol knowledge to participate in this process. 

EON is a one-stop platform where users can stake their digital assets and earn staking rewards. The process is easy, reliable, and safe for users. We are the trusted staking provider for some of the best minds in crypto including network foundations, founders, and early investors.

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Other Infrastructure Services

EON is a partner to leading blockchain networks. We provide a host of mission-critical services to support teams and protect the network. For more information, please contact us.


PoS management and pooling

Masternode hosting and management





Lightning hubs

Interchange relayers


We’re on a mission to secure the infrastructure for open blockchain networks.

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